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No. of Publication in reputed Journal =06

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Year  of Publication

1 Rutuja B Kirpal Trupti H Nagrare   Efficient energy management system through RTOS IJRCCT 31 (2014) : 028-032, 2014
2 Chetankumar A Dhule Dr. Urmila N Shrawankar   Performance Analysis for Pareto-Optimal Green Consolidation Based on Virtual Machines Live Migration International Journal of Grid and High Performance Computing (IJGHPC)  , Volume 9 •  Issue  4 • October-December 2017 2017
3 K K Wankhade K C Jondhale V R Thool A hybrid approach for classification of rare class data Knowledge and Information Systems, 2017 2017
4 Sunita Rawat M.B. Chandak Tabassum S Khan Word sense disambiguation for improving accuracy of machine translation using translation memory International journal of pure and applied mathematics 2018


Girish R Talmale Dr. Urmila N Shrawankar   Dynamic Clustered Hierarchical Real Time Scheduling for IoT Based Human Organ Transplantation International journal of Control Theory And Application 2017


Sunita Rawat M.B.Chandak Nekita Chavan An approach for improving auuracy of machint translation using WSD and GIZA International Journal of Computer Sciences and Engineering, ICI 2017