Campus Life

Campus Life

"Do activities you're passionate about - which make your heart and soul feel perky - including things like working out, cooking, painting, writing, yoga, hiking, walking, swimming, being in nature, being around art, or reading inspiring books."-Karen Salmansohn
Dr. K.K. Jajulwar

Dean, Student Activities & Counseling, Cultural

Mobile: 9011000425

Co-circular activities play a vital role in the life of students, read on to know how. Extracurricular activities increase opportunities for social interaction and new relationship development. As most of these activities are group-oriented which have students from different niches, which gives them a chance to more know about people of different passions and cultures.Extracurricular activities teach students how to work for a common goal and this ultimately develops a sense of responsibility in them.Sustained involvement in more than one activity reflects the talent and potential of the student.

Activities conducted in Year 2019-20
Activities conducted in Year 2018-19
List of Technical and Cultural Activity conducted in Year 2018-19
Type of Activity Name of the Activity Date No. of students participated
Cultural Box Cricket 23/06/2018 100
Technical Logo Designing 23/06/2018 60
Technical Line Follower 14/07/2018 66
Technical Mannequin Challenge 14/07/2018 60
Technical Bridge Building 21/07/2018 78
Technaical Techanical Tresure Hunt   120
Cultural Folk Dance Foke Dance CompetationFF 28/07/ 2018 70
Technical Robo-Soccer 28/07/ 2018 140 (70 groups)
Cultural Burp It up 4/8/2018 50
Technical Blind Race 4/8/2018 98
Technical HACKATHON on (Android apps and Web development) 4/8/2018 25
Cultural The n The Big Art Competation   11/8/ 2018 53
Cultural Abhudaya (A Patriotic Skit Competition) 14 August 2018 160
Cultural  Ekkashara –Ganesh Festival and Forum Activity 13-9-18 to 21-9-2018 2000
Technical Lan Gamming Competation 12/1/2019 50
Technical Logo Quiz 9/2/2019 30
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