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Computer Science and Engineering Department research achievement

  • Total Number of Publication in Reputed Journals :- 41
  • Externally Funded Project:- 05
  • Patent Filed :- 35
Funded Projects
S.N. Faculty Name Project Title Name of Department Amou nt (in Lacs) Funding Agency- Scheme Duration Letter No Date
1 Dr.L G Malik Recognition of Handwritten Devanagari manuscript Computer Science & Engineering 7.5 lacs AICTE-RPS 2008-10 (2 Years) F.No.: 8023/BOR/RID/ RPS-102/2007- 08 5-Mar-08
2 Prof K N Hande Up-gradation of Existing Computer Network Laboratory Computer Science & Engineering 4 lacs AICTE- MODROBS 2008-09 (1.5 Years) F. No.: 8024/RID/BOR/ MOD-47/2008- 09 4-Dec-08
3 Dr.L.G.Malik Designing Of Data Mining Techniques for Data generation & Analysis for Digital Forensic Application Computer Science & Engineering 8.00 Lacs AICTE-RPS 2011-13 (2 Years) Ref. No.: 8023/RID/RPS- 35/2011-12 09-Dec-11
4 Dr. Latesh Malik Upgradation of Existing Wireless Network Simulation Lab Computer Science & Engineering 5.00 Lacs AICTE- MODROBS 2012-13 (1 Year) Ref.No. 8024/RIFD/MO D- 73(Pvt.)/Policy- III/2011-12 11-Feb-13
Sr No Author 1 Author 2 Author 3 Title Publication Details Year  of Publication
1 A Sharma Vijay R Bodhe Dr. Latesh G Malik An Adaptive Neuro-fuzzy Interface System Model for Traffic Classification and Noise Prediction Soft Computing, March 2018, Volume 22, Issue 6, pp 1891–1902 1-12, 2014 2014
2 Amit R Khaparde Dr. M M Raghuwanshi Dr. Latesh G Malik Distance-based analysis for base vector selection in mutation operation of differential evolution algorithm Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing 335, 2015 (Springer) 2015
3 Anand N Khobragade Priyanka Shewalkar Kapil K Jajulwar Review paper on crop area estimation using SAR remote sensing data IOSR Journal of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (IOSR-JEEE)  e-ISSN 2278-1676 p-ISSN : 2320-3331, Vol. oume 9 Issue  2 ver,VII (MAR-April- 2014)  pp 39-48 2013
4 Arti Deshpande Dr. Anjali R Mahajan   Domain Driven Multi-Feature Combined Mining for retail dataset International Journal of Engineering and Advanced Technology (IJEAT)  ISSN2249-8958, 2012
5 Arti Deshpande Dr. Anjali R Mahajan   A Novel Pattern Merger Algorithm for generating Actionable Rules for Multi-Source Combined Mining International Journal of Computer Applications 125(15), 2015
6 Dalal V Malik L   Semantic graph based automatic text summarization for hindi documents using particle swarm optimization Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies 2018
7 Dr. Anjali R Mahajan M S Ali   Hybrid evolutionary algorithm based solution for register allocation for embedded systems Journal of Computers 2008
8 Dr. Latesh G Malik Dr. P S Deshpande   Character recognition using relationship between connected segments and neural network WSEAS Transactions on Computers, 5(1) 229-234, 2005
9 Dr. Latesh G Malik Dr. P S Deshpande   Recognition of Printed Devnagari Characters with Regular Expressions in Finite State Models Digital Technology Journal Vol.  22008 pp, 97-102, 2008
10 Dr. Latesh G Malik     Recognition of handwritten Devanagari script International Journal of Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence 24 (05),  809-822, 2010 2010
11 Dr. M M Raghuwanshi Malik, L. G Aote, Shailendra S Improved Particle Swarm Optimization Based on Natural Flocking Behavior Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering 2016
12 Dr. Urmila N Shrawankar     A hybrid method for automatic speech recognition performance improvement in real world noisy environment Journal of Computer Science, 9(1),  94, 2013 2013
13 G R Singh Snehalata S Dongre   Crash prediction system for mobile device on android by using data stream minning techniques Proceedings - 6th Asia International Conference on Mathematical Modelling and Computer Simulation, AMS 2012 2012
14 Gauri Dhopavkar Dr. Manali M Kshirsagar   Performance comparison of Word sense disambiguation approaches for Indian languages Advance Computing Conference (IACC) 2015 IEEE International(pp166-169) IEEE, 2013
15 M B Chandak R Dharaskar   Natural language processing based context sensitive, content specific architecture & its speech based implementation for smart home applications International Journal of Smart Home 2010
16 Madhuri A Tayal Dr. M M Raghuwanshi Dr. Latesh G Malik Identification of Title for Natural Languages Using Resource Description Framework and Anaphoric Reference Resolution Intelligent Interactive Technologies and Multimedia (pp, 75-88) 2013, Springer Berlin Heidelberg, Communications in Computer and Information Science, book series (CCIS, volume 276) 2013
17 Madhuri A Tayal Dr. M M Raghuwanshi Dr. Latesh G Malik Semantic Representation: Implementation using Sentence Type and Chunker for Natural Languages International Journal of Intelligent Systems and Applications 2014
18 Mangala S Madankar Dr. Preeti R Bajaj   A FLC based Fingerprint Matching Algorithm for Images Captured with Android Camera for enhanced Security of Online Transaction International Journal of Computer Science & Engineering ISBN 978-89-5519-163-9PP 1193-1197, 2012 2012
19 Mithil A Wasnik Dr. Sanjay S Dorle   Analysis of handover scheme for VANETS International Journal of Science and Research, 2(2), 73-76, 2013 2013
20 N V Thakur O G Kakde   Color image compression with modified Fractal coding on Spiral Architecture Journal of Multimedia 2007
21 P S Deshpande Dr. Latesh G Malik S Arora Fine classification and recognition of hand written Devnagari characters with regular expressions & minimum edit distance method Journal of Computers 2008
22 Prashant N Borkar Dr. M V Sarode Dr. Latesh G Malik Modality of Adaptive neuro-fuzzy classifier for acoustic signal-based traffic density state estimation employing linguistic hedges for feature selection International Journal of Fuzzy Systems1-16, 2015
23 Prashant N Borkar Dr. M V Sarode Dr. Latesh G Malik Acoustic Signal based Optimal Route Selection Problem: Performance Comparison of Multi-Attribute Decision Making methods KSII Transactions on Internet and Information Systems, 10(2), 647-669, 2016 2015
24 Prashant N Borkar Dr. M V Sarode Dr. Latesh G Malik Acoustic signature-based vehicular traffic density state estimation in developing regions International Journal of Vehicle Noise and Vibration, Vol-12(1), 77-100, 2016 2016
25 Prashant N Borkar Dr. Latesh G Malik M V Sarode Acoustic signal based traffic density state estimation using adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy classifier WSEAS Transactions on Signal Processing, Vol-10, 2014, E-ISSN: 2224-3488 2014
26 Prathmesh A Bhat Girish R Talmale   MPTCP combining congestion window adaptation and packet scheduling for multi-homed device Convergence of Technology (I2CT) 2014 International Conference (pp1-6) IEEE, 2014
27 Purshottam J Asudani Dr. Latesh G Malik   Dot Based Image Analysis Using Local Binary Pattern and Genetic Algorithm Mobile Communication and Power Engineering (pp430-434) Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 2013
28 R Patel Dr. M M Raghuwanshi Dr. Latesh G Malik A preliminary study on impact of dying of solution on performance of multi-objective genetic algorithm Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing 2014
29 Rahila Patel Dr. Urmila N Shrawankar Dr. M M Raghuwanshi Genetic algorithm with histogram construction technique 2009 Second International Conference on Emerging Trends Engineering & Technology (pp, 615-618) IEEE, 2011
30 Rahila Patel Dr. M M Raghuwanshi Dr. Latesh G Malik An Approach Based on Grid-Value for Selection of Parents in Multi-objective Genetic Algorithm International Conference on Swarm, Evlutionary, and Memetic Computing (pp265-273) Springer Berlin Heidelberg (2011, December), 2010
31 Reetu Gupta     Cache access pattern based algorithm for performance improvement of cache memory management WSEAS Transactions on Information Science and Applications 2013
32 S D Ghode Sharda A Chhabria Dr. Rajiv V Dharaskar Computer interaction system using hand posture identification International Journal of Digital Content Technology and its Applications 2010
33 S Sarode J Bakal   Performance analysis of beacon enabled prioritized CSMA/CA for IEEE sensor networks International Journal of Applied Engineering Research 2017
34 S Sarode J Bakal   PFPS: Priority-first packet scheduler for IEEE 802.15.4 heterogeneous wireless sensor networks International Journal of Communication Networks and Information Security 2017
35 S Sarode J Bakal Dr. Latesh G Malik Reliable and prioritized data transmission protocol for wireless sensor networks Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing 2016
36 Shaikh P Chhaware Dr. Mohammad Atique Dr. Latesh G Malik Efficient Web Content Mining using DOM Intersection Method: A Website Template Detection Approach IJCAT International Journal of Computing and Technology, 2015
37 Sharda A Chhabria Dr. Rajiv V Dharaskar Dr. V M Thakre Design of Efficient Multimodal Systems International Journal of EngineeringSciences and Management(2012), 2012
38 Shrikant P Dhawale     Analysis of Location Monitoring Techniques with Privacy Preservation in WSN Proceedings - 2014 4th International Conference on Communication Systems and Network Technologies, CSNT 2014, (pp, 649-653) IEEE, 2014
39 Sonali U Nimbhorkar Dr. Latesh G Malik   Investigation of Security Enhancement and Performance Attributes of Key Agreement Protocol in Elliptic Curve Cryptography International Journal of Computer Science and Information Security10(12) 15(2012), 2012
40 Swapnili P Karmore Dr. Anjali R Mahajan   New Approach for Testing and providing Security Mechanism for Embedded Systems Procedia Computer Science, 78, 851-858, 2016
41 Veena A Gulhane Dr. Latesh G Malik   Selective & Secured Code Distribution Approach for Multihop Wireless Sensor Networks 1ST INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON INFORMATION SECURITY & PRIVACY 2015 2016

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