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Sr No Author 1 Author 2 Author 3 Title Publication Details Year  of Publication
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6 Dr. Dhananjay R Tutakne Dr. Hiralal M Suryawanshi Dr. Shrikrishna G Tarnekar Adaptive Pulse Synchronizing Control for High-Power-Factor Operation of Variable Speed DC-Drive IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics, Vol. 22 Issue 6, Pg: 2499-2510, 2007 2007
7 Dr. Vinod K Chandrakar Dr. A G Kothari   Fuzzy Logic based Unified Power Flow Controllers for Improving Transient Stability International Journal of Power & Energy Systems 282 (2008) : 135, 2008
8 Dr. Vinod K Chandrakar A G Kothari   Ann-based Static Synchronous Compensator for Improving Transient Stability Performance International Journal of Power & Energy Systems 282 (2008) : 170, 2008
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10 Dr. Sanjay B Bodkhe Mohan V Aware   Reconstruction of Phase Currents From DC Link in a Single-Sensor Induction Motor Drive Using New Algorithm International Journal of Modelling and Simulation 311 (2011) : 42-53, 2011
11 Manjusha Palandurkar Dr. Shrikrishna G Tarnekar Dr. J P Modak Computational Procedure to Replace a Bulky Flywheel for a Process Machine by a Combination of Appropriately Controlled VVVf Drive for Motor and a Smaller Flywheel International Journal of Power Electronics and Drive Systems 23 (2012) : 333 2012
12 Agrawal Swati Dr. Prema Daigavane Dr. J B Helonde Comparison of Induced Voltages in Different Cases Describing the Effect of High Voltage on Transmission Line International Journal of Emerging Trends Electrical and Electronics (IJETEE-ISSN: 2320-9569)  Volume8  Issue  1 Pages: 25-29, 2013
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14 T G Arora M V Aware Dr. Dhananjay R Tutakne Fuzzy logicbasedelectrothermal life model for inverterfedinduction motor insulation 2015 Electric PowerComponents and Systems 2015
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16 Jyoti Agrawal Dr. Sanjay B Bodkhe   Steady-State Analysis and Comparison of Control Strategies for PMSM Modelling and Simulation Engineering,Volume 2015 (2015),  Article ID 30678711 pages 2015
17 S F Lilhare N G Bawane   Simulation of paddy drying characteristics at different drying air conditions 2015 INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MODELLING IDENTIFICATION and CONTROL,Vol. 24 Issue  3Pp176-186,DOI-101504/IJMIC2015072640 2015
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20 Priyanka Hatwar Kantilal D Joshi   Control of Ultracapacitor-Battery Combination for Ride-Through Application International Journal of Control Theory and Applications I J C T A, 9(2)  2016Pp1103-1110 2016
21 Vaishali M More Dr. Vinod K Chandrakar   Study of Power system performance with Interline power flow controller (IPFC) by using software and lab prototype IRJET e-ISSN: 2395 -0056Volume: 03  Issue : 04 | Apr-2016 2016
22 Jyoti G Agrawal Dr. Sanjay  B Bodkhe   Experimental study of low speed sensorless control of PMSM drive using high frequency signal injection Advances Electrical 2016
23 R G Shriwastava     Sensorless field-oriented control of PMSM drive system for automotive application 2016 International Journal of Electric and Hybrid Vehicles 2016
24 P B Thote Dr. Prema Daigavane Dr. Manoj B Daigavane, S P Gawande An Intelligent Hybrid Approach Using KNN-GA to Enhance the Performance of Digital Protection Transformer Scheme Canadian Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering, 2017 2017
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DC motor drive using fractional order proportional-integral-derivative (FOPID) controller
Turkish Journal
of Electrical Engineering & Computer Sciences, Vol. 25, No. 5, pp:4223-4241, 2017.
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fractional order PID controller using optimal pole-zero approximation method for magnetic levitation system
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shaping circuit using optimal pole–zero interlacing algorithm for fractional order PID controller
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