Electronics And Telecommunication Engg.

Research Achievement in Electronics And Telecommunication Engg.

Product Development
  • Product Name: Development of Noise App for Noise Data Management

Collaboration Agency: CSIR- National Environmental Engineering Research Institute, Nagpur

Details: As there is a growth in the transport sector in the last few decades, there has been a substantial rise in the noise levels, especially in urban areas. The main Objective of this project is to build an android application, which can be useful for Noise measurements, Noise Mapping, and Barrier attenuation calculator. An extensive literature survey was carried out to understand the need for the application on the present noise measurement scenario. Accordingly, Noise application (Apk) named “NOISE TRACKER” has been developed to measure environmental noise by a smartphone. Performance evaluation of the development application was done by testing it on different Android Smartphones like HTC, Redmi, Nokia, Samsung, etc. This application can be used to share noise measurement data through various mobile application and can also map the geographic location of all the noise measurement sources with the use of GPS sensor. This Application can be used for commercial as well as industrial purpose. The size of the application is around 4 Mb, which contains three utility as a noise database, noise meter, and barrier attenuation calculator. The costing of standard noise measurement instrument is more as compared with the application (Apk), whereas application coasting is negligible. We tested our app with different reference values and found that there is a different value of ±4. 6 dB for both lower range as well as higher range.


  • Product Name: Automated Washroom Cleaning & Monitoring Alert System.
  • Nodal Agency : Airport Authority of India (AAI), Smart India Hackathon 2017(Joint venture of AICTE & MHRD)

Student of programhave designed and developed the project titled AUTOMATED WASHROOM CLEANING & MONITORING ALERT SYSTEM. The project designed and implemented for the Airport authority of India (AAI) under Smart India Hackathon 2017 (a joint venture of AICTE & MHRD).

Implemented system is an automated cleaning and monitoring alert system which will be able to inform the operator by email, SMS and android notification about the cleaning and maintenance of washroom  and will show all details on the dashboard. The data from the washrooms will be collected by the sensors and it will be monitored and analyzed  by the user friendly dashboard from anywhere. The washroom will have feedback console which will collect feedback from the washroom users and shown on the dashboard. The feedback screen directs user to menu for different parameters such as Air quality, People Count, Dustbin indicator, Floor dry or wet indicator, empty hand wash, tissue paper unavailable, wash basin etc. regarding the satisfaction / dissatisfaction and asks for submission of feedback. The feedback thus collected is referred to console where the monitoring, analysis & correlative acts taken.   

With implementing this project AAI (Airport Authority of India) authority will be able to monitor all washroom on Indian Airports. This product can be used in different offices and public places also.

Team MINIONS lead by Mr. Kunal Bodhe comprising of Vrushabh Kale,  Akash Niwalkar,  Sudarshan Meshram (Team Members ) worked hard in Smart India Hackathon 2017 and developed and implemented the project Automated washroom cleaning and monitoring System in G H Raisoni college of engineering and proceeding to hand over the product to the Airport Authority of India and All India council for Technical Education AICTE New Delhi. This is one more step towards the Digital India, Bharat Swachha Abhiyan.


Name of the Product / Satrtup: World 4.0

Name of the Student:  Mr. Mayur Dafre ( VI Semester)

The World 4.0 is work base on the IOT & industry wireless automation by using the smart solution. Collecting industrial process data by using sensors and actuators and all data continuously monitor on remote dashboard also it can able to control basic operation in industry. Distributed wireless industrial parameter measurement system, based on the wireless module solution. The parameters measurement system with cable wiring faced a lot of inconvenience, so this introduces a new design which applies the wireless module low-power wireless transmission technology to distributed parameters measurement system. This design implemented the distributed multi-point data measurement and the effective collection of data in any remote place. Distributed wireless system can be easily laid to the place where it is needed, no matter there have the whatever industry. This system is easy to use and maintain.


Product Details

Specification of Product

·         Used technology: Wi-Fi

·         Frequencies: 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands

·         Range: Approximately 50m

·         Data Rates: 150-200Mbps is typical, 600 Mbps maximum, latest 802.11-ac offers 500Mbps to 1Gbps

·         Frequency: 2.4GHz, Range: less than 100m, Data Rates: 250kbps

·         Wireless communication

·         RF and WIFI technology used

·         Two way M2M communication between internet and hardware

·         Multiple node access

·         Generated data report