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Reasearch Publications in reputed Journal
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1 Dr. Amol Y Deshmukh Y H Lee J W Lee Location verification using bidirectional one-way hash function in wireless sensor networks IJ of Sensor Networks2(1-2) Pg82-90, 2007
2 N Doifode Dr. Dinesh V Padole Dr. Preeti R Bajaj Design and Performance analysis of efficient bus arbitration schemes for on-chip shared bus Multi-processor SoC Journal of Computer Science and Network Security, 8Pg250-255, 2008
3 Dr. Amol Y Deshmukh A B Bavaskar Dr. Preeti R Bajaj Implementation of complex fuzzy logic modules with VLSI approach IJ on Computer Science and Network Security, 8 Pg172-178, 2008
4 P Sharma Dr. Preeti R Bajaj A Abrahim Vehicle Classification and Speed Measurement using Fuzzy-Neural Network Optimised by Genetic Algorithm: A Design Approach Digital Technology Journal2(1), 2009
5 S Kirtane Dr. Amol Y Deshmukh Dr. Preeti R Bajaj Mixed signal design of Fuzzy Logic based systems International Journal of Simulation: SystemsScience & Technology, Vol. 10No4ISSN: 1473-804x September 2011 2009
6 N G Narole Dr. Preeti R Bajaj   A Neuro-Genetic System Design for Monitoring Driver’s Fatigue IJCSNS IJ of Computer Science and Network Security, 9, 87-91, 2009
7 Dr. Amol Y Deshmukh Suresh D K   Preparation and characterization of ionotropic cross-linked chitosan microparticles for controlled release of aceclofenac Int J Pharm Sci Drug Res2(2) 107-111, 2010
8 Ratnaprabha W Jasutkar Dr. Preeti R Bajaj Dr. Amol Y Deshmukh GA based low power sigma delta modulator for biomedical applications Recent Advances Intelligent Computational Systems (RAICS) 2011 IEEE (pp, 772-776) IEEE, 2011
9 Aruna D Tete Dr. Amol Y Deshmukh Dr. Preeti R Bajaj Design of cortical neuron circuits with VLSI design approach JSoft Computing2(4), 2011
10 Dr. Preeti R Bajaj A Abraham Dr. Amol Y Deshmukh Human perception-based color image segmentation using comprehensive learning particle swarm optimization Journal of Information Hiding and Multimedia Signal Processing 2 (3)  Pp227-235(2011) 2011
11 A Patnaik D Konhar   A Novel Dual Band Circular Microstrip Patch Antenna for Wireless Applications IJ of Computer Applications 40(11) (pp1-2), 2012
12 S Navghare Dr. Shubhangi D Giripunje Dr. Preeti R Bajaj Biologically Inspired Computing System for Facial Emotion Detection: a Design Approach IJ of Computer Applications 49(5) (pp26-33), 2012
13 R R Thakur Swati R Dixit Dr. Amol Y Deshmukh VHDL design for image segmentation using gabor filter for disease detection International Journal of VLSI Design & Communication Systems, Vol.  3No2 April 2012 ISSN: 0976 - 1357 2012
14 N K Warambhe Dr. Sanjay S Dorle   Implementation of protocol for efficient data storage and data dissemination in VANET IJ of Advanced Research Computer Science and Electronics Engineering (IJARCSEE) 1(2) Pp-65-71, 2012
15 D V Jamthe Dr. Sanjay S Dorle   Collision Avoidance in IVan to maintain inter-vehicular distance on highways IJ of Engineering Science and Advanced Technology (2250-3676) 2(3) Pg 672 – 678 2012
16 Trupti G Nimje Dr. Sanjay S Dorle   A survey on various mobility models to improve Realistic Simulation and accuracy of IVC protocols 2013 IEEE International Conference on Emerging Trends Computing, Communication and NanotechnologyICE-CCN 2013 2013
17 A D Bhoi R D Kharadkar Dr. Amol Y Deshmukh Effect of Propagation Models on Analysis of MANET Routing Protocols Networking and Communication Engineering, 6(4) 161-165, 2014
18 Pravin Wararkar Dr. Sanjay S Dorle   Vehicular adhoc networks handovers with metaheuristic algorithms Electronic SystemsSignal Processing and Computing Technologies (ICESC) 2014 International Conference on (pp160-165) IEEE, 2014
19 G Vaidya Navghare S Dr. Preeti R Bajaj Design of Arterial Pulse Detection System for Detection of Prakriti of Person International Journal ofnEngineering Research and General Science Volume 3 Issue  2,March-April2015 (pp779-783), 2015
20 Sneha R Dhakane Wani V Patil   Piezo-resistive method for tuberculosis detection using microcantilever biosensor Microsystem technologies 203 (2014) : 457-462, 2014
21 Aruna D Tete Dr. Amol Y Deshmukh R R Yerpude Design and implementation of electronic sensor for velocity-of-detonation measurement of cartridge explosive and comparison with Dautriche Method IJ of Mining and Mineral Engineering, Volume 7, Issue 2  (2016) : 113-125, 2016
22 Rajesh K Agrawal Narendra G Bawane   Multiobjective PSO based adaption of neural network topology for pixel classification in satellite imagery APPLIED SOFT COMPUTING3/1/2015 Vol.  (28) 217-225 2015
22 Nupur S Kakde Dr. Amol Y Deshmukh   Design of 4-bit Flash Analog to Digital Converter using CMOS Comparator in Tanner Tool INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF COMPUTER SCIENCE and NETWORK SECURITYAPR 30 2015 15(4) Pg 70-74 2015
24 Pravin Wararkar Dr. Sanjay S Dorle   An Overview of Performance Evaluation of Inter Vehicular Ad hoc Networks (VANET’s) Handovers by the Use of Intelligent Metaheuristic Algorithms International Journal of Applied Engineering Research, 11(4), 2468-2473, 2016 2016
25 Shailesh D Kamble Dr. Nileshsingh V Thakur Dr. Preeti R Bajaj A Review on Block Matching Motion Estimation and Automata Theory based Approaches for Fractal Coding International Journal of Interactive Multimedia and Artificial Inteligence, 4, Regular  Issue  (2016), 2016
26 M S Khan  V H Mankar   Extraction of volumetric features using 2.5D and 3D algorithms International Journal of Communication Networks and Distributed Systems 18(2):1 · January 2017, DOI: 10.1504/IJCNDS.2017.10001634 2017
27 S Awaghad S B Pokle   Video transcoding technique using tree-based multi-level block partitioning in OFDM network International Journal of Advanced Media and Communication 2014
28 N G Narole Dr. Preeti R Bajaj   A Neuro-genetic system design for monitoring driver's fatigue: A design approach International Journal of Simulation: Systems, Science and Technology 2009
Patent Filed:
Sr. No. Name of Faculty involved Department Title of the Patent Patent Application Number Date of filing
1. C.S.Chepurwar,S.S.Bork ar,Kashmira Vijay Kolte,Alhad Vilas Peshwe,Anjali Anil Khonde,Karishma Pawan Chawla,Dr.A.Y.Deshmu kh,Prof.S.D.Giripunje Electronics Engineering Mind controlled application using electronic circuits especially for wheelchair 1359/MUM/2013 04-11-13
2. C.S.Chepurwar,S.S.Bork ar,Kashmira Vijay Kolte,Alhad Vilas Peshwe,Anjali Anil Khonde,Karishma Pawan Chawla, Dr.A.Y.Deshmukh, Prof.S.D.Giripunje Electronics Engineering Design of cost effective EEG System 1360/MUM/2013 04-11-13
3. Piyush Itankar, Padmanabh Deshmukh, Saurabh Yete, Onkar Ambhorkar, Prof. Shubhangi D Giripunje Electronics Engineering Modelling the suitability and applicability of Ultracapacitor on regenerative braking and powering 2007/MUM/2013 06-12-13
4. Ms. Monali V. Madavi & Dr. Shubhangi D. Giripunje Electronics Engineering Foot Wearable Device for Diabetic person 355/MUM/2015 02-03-15
5. Rijwan Y. Musani, Prof. Nikhil P. Wyawahare Electronics Engineering Dynamic spectrum sensing and shearing module 572/MUM/2015 20/02/2015
6. Khushbu Chandrakant Kariya , Dr.S.D.Giripunje Electronics Engineering Digital eye 833/MUM/2015 13/03/2015
7. Aditi Zullurwar,Jaya Dharmik,Kadambari Joshi, Dinesh Mankar, Niraj Warjukar, Prof.Nikhil Wyavahare Electronics Engineering Configurable Secondary User Network Digital Terminal Equipment 852/MUM/2015 16/03/2015
8. Nupur C. Tupkar, Prof.Trushna G. Deotale Electronics Engineering Implementation                                        of Multimode Interactive device using Electro- oculography 832/MUM/2015 13/03/2015
9. Abhijeet Vilasrao Bhagat, Miss. Bharati B. Sayankar Electronics Engineering Design and Implementation of Hybrid Network-On- Chip Scheme for Minimization of Latency and Power 848/MUM/2015 16/03/2015
10. Sudhir Kumar Rathore, Shailesh Vitthalrao Bhalerao Electronics Engineering Portable thermographic system for detection of Rheumatoid Arthritis 853/MUM/2015 16/03/2015
11. Biplav C.Biswas, Shailesh Vitthalrao Bhalerao Electronics Engineering Wearable Epilepsy controlling Device 851/MUM/2015 16/03/2015
12. Saket Narlawar, Ravindra Kirnapure, Roshan Bhore, Snehal Manglekar Prof. S. V. Bhalerao Electronics Engineering EEG biomarker Dementia Detection Device 849/MUM/2015 16/03/2015
13. Monal H. Kawadkar, Dr. Sanjay S. Dorle Electronics Engineering Wireless Node Control and Monitoring System for Emergency Ad-hoc Networks 834/MUM/2015 13/03/2015
14. Ms. Akshita Baisware, Prof.S.N.Joshi, Dr. P.R. Bajaj Electronics Engineering Design of Non Invasive Pulse Rate detector for Detection of Heart Diseases Using LabVIEW 837/MUM/2015 13/03/2015
15. Abdul Rizwan Abdul Rafique,Satyam Singh,Bhagyashree Pande,Kajol Korde, Damini Asare, Prof. Shubhangi D Giripunje Electronics Engineering Design & Development of Prosthetic Hand for Transradial Amputee 2438/MUM/2015 25/06/2015
16. Vijaya Bandhekar,Prof.Bharti Sayankar Electronics Engineering Design and Implementation of 3D Symmetric NoC Router 201621007966 03-08-16
17. Neha                             Vijay Kuradkar,Prof.L.P.Thakr e Electronics Engineering Comparative Analysis Of C-Pts, Wav-Pts And Hybrid Dct Scheme For Reduction Of Papr Ratio In Ofdm Sig 201621007963 03-08-16
18. Dr.Preeti Bajaj, Abhijeet Bhagat Electronics Engineering Modified Computer Cursor Control Device using Eye Pupil 201621008465 03-10-16
19. Vikas Magar, Rity Singh, Uday Jais, Mayuri Dave, Prof. Pranay Saraf, Prof. Manjurkha Pathan Electronics Engineering Cloud based mobile gadget 201621008464 03-10-16
20. Gayatri D. Gharpure, Prof. Pankaj H. Rangaree Electronics Engineering A Mixer which combines RF signal and LO signal 201721009714 20/3/2017
21. Supriya B. Asutkar, Prof. Payal Ghutke Electronics Engineering Process Flow and Mechanical Modeling of RF Micro-Electro- Mechanical System (MEMS) Capacitive Switch 201721009715 20/3/2017
22. Punam Tembhare ,Prof. Pankaj.H.Rangaree Electronics Engineering FBAR MEMS filter with high quality factor for RF application 201721009716 20/3/2017
23. Mr. Tushar N.Band, Dr. Dinesh V. Padole Electronics Engineering Design of Double Gate- FinFET with Parasitic Capacitance reduction using low k spacer 201721009720 20/3/2017
24. Sukeshani R. Bhagat, Prof. Bharati B. Sayankar Electronics Engineering Design of NOC Based Many Core Parallel Processing Platform 201721009721 20/3/2017
25. Ashwini Lende, Omkar Dudhbure, Dr. Shubhangi Giripunje Electronics Engineering Psychosomatic Analyzer System for Academic performance Enhancement 201721009722 20/3/2017
26. Bhagyashree Raymal, Dr. Shubhangi Giripunje Electronics Engineering A wireless portable device for visually impaired people which converts Devnagari text to voice 201721009723 20/3/2017
27. Laxman P Thakare, Dr. A.Y.Deshmukh Electronics Engineering A reconfigurable FFT/IFFT processor for OFDM system using advance algorithm 201721010572 24/3/2017
28. Nikhil P.Wyawahare Electronics Engineering Indexed ISM band Transreceiver Antenna Module Controller 201721010637 25/3/2017
29. Nikhil P. Wyawahare Electronics Engineering ISM band Portable Channel strength indicator 201721010638 25/3/2017
30. Mrunali Patil, Pooja kale, Minakshi Padole, Asmita Ganjre, Dimple Chandekar, Prof. Trushna Deotale Electronics Engineering Electronic Helper Cradle 201821011788 28/03/2018
31. Aditya Khandale, Taijasi Bakde, Tanuja Nakade, Ashwin Jamgade, Kunal N Dekate Electronics Engineering Bipedal cluster robot 201821011789 28/03/2018
32. Akanksha Khandare, Anjali Akulwar, Divyashree Sakhare, Anurag Malwar, Palash Pullarwar, Dr. Shubhangi Giripunje Electronics Engineering Blood Analyzer 201821011790 28/03/2018
33. Dr. S D Giripunje, Shardul Asre, Alisha Warke, Sagar Bodalkar, Sachin Bagade, Vaibhav Kekatpure Electronics Engineering Meconium Extractor for Neonatal Resuscitation 201821011797 28/03/2018
Externally Funded Projects (Completed)
S.N. Faculty Name Project Title Name of Departme nt Amount (in Lacs) Funding Agency- Scheme Durati on Letter No Date
1 Prof. S.S. Dorle Computational Capacity of Vehicular Adhoc Networks Electronics Engineering 8.75 Lacs AICTE-RPS 2009-12 (3 Yeas) F.No.: 8023/BOR/RID/RP S-101/2008-09 12-Mar-09
2 Dr.A.Y. Deshmukh Design of Electronic system for Measurement of Velocity of detonation of bulk explosive Electronics Engineering 7.37 lacs AICTE-RPS 2011-14 (2 Years) Ref. No.: 8023/RID/RPS- 16/Pvt(II Policy)/2011-12