Sports Events Organized for 2019-20

Inter College competition on National Sport Day.

Sports Activity Video


Sports Gallery 2019-20

KARATE Winner at 25th EURO-ASIAN WFSKO,OPEN Karate Championship

Football Runner up Team at UDGHOSH,RCOE

Atharva Sadavarte, got Best Scorer of the Tournament at UDGHOSH,RCOE

Futsal Winner of Interdepartmental Outdoor Sports

Batminton League Winner Team GHRCE


GHRCE Football Team Beat Sindhu College


Football Tournament Winner Team,RTMNU


Silver Medalist in 30th State Inline Hockey Championship

GHRCE Team Winner of Kabaddi,RTMNU


Winner of Badminton Championship,RTMNU

Winner of Table Tennis Championship,RTMNU

Winner of Volleyball Championship,RTMNU

Winner of Basketball Championship,RTMNU

Mehul Ghyar Winner of Wrestling,RTMNU

Vaibhav Wankhede received Best Sportman award from VC,RTMNU

Runner-Up teams of Basketball & Badminton at DNC on 23 September 2019

Winner of Kabaddi for Dr. Punjabrao Deshmukh Sports Festival (DNC)

Practise Session at Hariganga Campus for Basketball

Practise Session at Hariganga Campus for Cricket

RGI team is Winner for Archbishop Eugen's D'Soza Memorial Football Event

National Sport Day Celebrated on 29th August 2019

Chess oraginzed by ETC Department

Sports Club activity organized in July 2019

Carrom organized by ETRX department in July 2019

Table Tennis organized by ME/IT/CIV in July 2019

Basket ball match organized by CSE/ETC department in July 2019

Football Match organized by CSE/ETRX/ETC/EE in July 2019

Sports Gallery 2018-19

Parakram 2k19-Winner Cricket Team

Chess is organized by CSE,IT Depratmnet in July 2018

Carrom is organized by CSE,IT,ETRX Depratmnet in July 2018

Pool is organized by CSE,IT,ETC,ETRX Depratmnet in August 2018

Table Tennis is organized by CSE,IT,ETC,ETRX Depratmnet in July 2018

Basket Ball is organized by CSE,IT,ETRX,EE,ETC Depratmnet in Sep 2018

Cricket is organized by CSE,IT, Electircal, ECT,Dept. in July 2018

Cricket Match under Parakram on 9 February 2K19

Volleyball is organized by CSE,IT,ETC,ETRX Depratmnet in July 2018