• To promote and enhance academic interaction between G H Raisoni College of Engineering and other 10 colleges.
  • To share and implement best practices for enhancing quality of teaching learning processes.
  • To conduct faculty development programs for the benefit of teachers of member and other Institutes.
  • To conduct training programs for the benefit of non-teaching staff of member and other Institutes.
  • To provide help in developing laboratories, reference material, laboratory manuals etc.
Expected Main Outcomes
  • The Quality Of Teaching Learning Process Enhancement.
  • New Institute Gets Inputs For Accreditation Process.
  • Mentee Institutes Able To Incorporate R&D Culture Among Faculty.
  • Faculty May Able To Develop Center of Excellence In Emerging Areas.
Faculty Development Programmes
Sr.No. Title of  Activity Faculty Coordinator Dates Participants Participants from Margadarshan Colleges Colleges of Margadarshan
1 One Week FDP on Practical Aspects of FACTS Devices in Current Scenario Dr. S.P. Nangrani October 22-27, 2018 22 15 10
2 One Week  FDP on Speech and Video Processing  with its Applications Dr. M. A. Gaikwad and Dr. V. R. Bora Nov-12-17, 2018 23 13 6
3 Workshop on Artificial Intelligence and  Deep Learning Dr. Gopal Sakarkar 8-10 Sept. 2018 74 12 7
4 Workshop on "Micro & Nano Technology: A Heuristic Approach" by Dr. Salvatore Baglio, University of Catania, Italy Dr. M. A. Gaikwad
Dr. M. D. Shanti
November   01-03, 2018 431 ( Including students) 5 3
Glimpses of Activity