Sports Facilities

Development of uniqueness in character, the ‘never say never’ attitude and a raring attribute to fight till the last sweat drop are gifts of sports. AT GHRCE we believe in building of the personality, enriching human life and ingesting the finest character traits. Sports facilities are being setup on campus .

Sports Facilities for Indoor & OutDoor Games at GHRCE, Nagpur
Central Book Library

Library is not only the connecting link between teaching and learning, but where students are intelligent the library can supplement from its rich resources what the class room has failed to supply.GHRCE library have more than 53000 Books, available 119 print NJ ,IJ-20,magzine 30 etc

Digital Library at GHRCE, Nagpur
Food Court

Hygienic food court is a part of every educational institute. It has a proper arrangement for seating. The court is spacious too.Food court plays a vital role in promoting healthy foods and creating a institute culture of healthy eating.It is more than simple hangouts which add different flavors to student's life.

Food Court Facility at GHRCE, Nagpur
Transportation Facilities

We have a well organized transportation system. The fee is nominal. Our bus route is well connected and is taken care of by a well executed tracking system.

College Bus Transportation at GHRCE, Nagpur
WIFI Facility

The students, teachers and the staff can avail wifi facility ease in the campus.The ability to study where and what you want requires access to the internet and study skills will be enhanced by using a (WiFi), connection to the internet.

WiFi Facility at GHRCE, Nagpur

Building a healthy relationship with exercise for personal wellness is important for every individual, especially college students.GYM facility is availble for students ,faculty and all employee working in GHRCE.

Gymnasium at GHRCE, Nagpur

For a student aspiring to take admission in the college, belonging to another city, the most feasible option is the hostels. Our Hostel accommodation is replete with the essentials which are requisite for a comfortable stay. All the students are provided with on-campus hostel accommodation.

Hostel at GHRCE, Nagpur
Safety & Securities

That ace technology feature which never ceases to provide protection is the camera. Thus, we have made sure to put Close Circuit TV camera around the campus. We have a team of meticulous and careful security guards at each of the gates.

Safety & Securities at GHRCE, Nagpur
Health Services

at GHRCE campus we have 24*7 Ambulance ,Doctor ,First Aid facility . To provide emergency care for illness or injury while at college, to ensure that all students get appropriate referrals to health care providers, to monitor for and control the spread of communicable disease, to provide education and counseling in a variety of health and wellness topics.

Health Service Measures at GHRCE, Nagpur
Bank & ATM

At GHRCE Campus Bank and ATM Faciltiy is available.

Bank & ATM Facility at GHRCE, Nagpur