BETIC-Biomedical Engineer
Dr. V. R. Bora

BETiC Incharge-ETRX Deptt


BETiC Member-EE Deptt.

  • To explore new basic, clinical and applied research in Healthcare & Biomedical Engineering and translate into applications in the Healthcare sectors.
  • To deliver excellence in Healthcare, emphasizing the creation and implementation of new knowledge in cutting-edge technologies by stepping towards Product Development through research & entrepreneurship.
On Going Projects
Sr. No. Title of the Project Domain Area Faculty Advisor
1 Implant for Osteogenic distraction Biomedical Dr. Sushil Mankar, Dr.Vibha R. Bora
2 Bionic Prosthetic Hand Biomedical Er. Shailesh Bhalerao
3 Portable Meconium Extractor Device using fuzzy control Biomedical Dr. Nilofar Mujawar , Er. Shailesh Bhalerao
4 Multifunctional Material Handling Device Biomedical Er. Abhijeet Raut
5 Pre-bed wetting Alarm device Biomedical Dr.Vibha R. Bora
6 Multipurpose Smart Wheel-Chair for disabled person Biomedical Er. Suraj S. Dudhe
7 Fiducial localization for pre-operative planning in neurosurgery Biomedical Er. Kishor Khandare
8 Non invasive Sodium & Potassium detection using ECG Biomedical Signal processing Dr.Vibha R. Bora
9 Use of Al based Chat bots for providing health related information Biomedical Er. Shailesh Bhalerao
Name of the Instrument Description
Stratesys F170 3D printing machine (FDM Stratesys F170 Series 3D printers give designers, engineers and educators access to affordable, industrial-grade 3D printing. Work faster through concept iterations and component verification. Increase productivity and reach your goals sooner with repeatable results Specification: Material Support: PLA3 , ABS-M30, ASA, TPU 92A, QSR Thickness Accuracy: 127 Micron
Logic Analyzer
  • Monitor and Measure Digital Hardware Performance
  • 34/68/102/136 Channel Logic Analyzers With Up to 2 Mb Depth
  • MagniVu™ Acquisition Technology Provides 2 GHz (500 ps) Timing Resolution to Find Difficult Problems Quickly
  • Up to 200 MHz State Acquisition Analysis of Synchronous Digital Circuits
  • Simultaneous State and High-speed Timing Analysis Through the Same Probe Pinpoints Elusive Faults Without Double Probing and Reacquisition
  • 500 MHz Deep Timing Analysis with Up to 2 Mb Per Channel
Brain Tech EEG Machine A 32-channel traditional EEG amplifier offers 8 independent bipolar channels and a standard cap connector, enabling the recording of 10–20 system derivations. Light, compact, USB-powered, allowing for EEG and ExG recording.
Brain Tech ECG Machine 2-channel traditional ECG amplifier & Recorder
NVIS 72 PCB Prototype Machine
  • Nvis 72 PCB Prototype Machine provide PCB designing which involves time taking etching and drilling processes.
  • Versatile PCB prototyping
  • Auto depth adjustment
  • Position Selection facility
  • Light for work area; Micro drilling & milling
AKADEMIKA DSO 050C5 Digital Oscilloscope
  • Bandwidth 50MHz
  • Real-time Sampling Rate 500 MSa/s, Equivalent Sampling Rate 50GSa/s.
  • Memory Depth: 32Kpts
  • Trigger types: Edge, Pulse width, Video, Slope, Alternative
  • Unique Digital Filter function and Waveform Recorder function
Electronic components( Arduino, breadboard, Raspberry pi kit, stepper motor, Bluetooth modules, Wifi module, pulse sensor, IR sensor, Zigbee, current sensor, Temperature sensor, motor driver, moisture sensor, ultrasonic sensor, PIR motion sensor etc) Set of sensors and devices for designing Biomedical Embedded prototype
BETiC Lab Consultancy
Electronic hands-free sanitizer dispenser Machine
Electronic hands-free sanitizer dispenser Machine

To reduce chance of corona virus infection, an automatic soap dispenser is developed by BETiC GHRCE. It is use for dispensing a controlled amount of soap solution (or a similar liquid such as a hand sanitizer).

UV Mask Disinfection chamber
UV Mask Disinfection chamber

To reduce chance of corona virus infection, low cost UV chamber has been developed by BETiC GHRCE. The application of UV chamber is primarily in medical sanitation and sterile work facilities. It is useful in disinfecting used mask and Mobile.

Remote Controlled Food Trolley for Covid-19 Ward
Remote Controlled Food Trolley for Covid-19 Ward

To reduce contact of Medical staff with positive COVID patients, GHRCE BETiC team had developed a remote-controlled based Autonomous Food Serving Trolley which will serve 12 -15 plates of food in positive COVID patient’s isolation ward.

For consultancy Contact

  • Prof. Shailesh Bhalerao - (9665408730) (
  • Prof. Suraj Dudhe (7972258706) (
  • Dr. Nilesh Awate (9822508738) (
MOU Collaboration
Sr. No. Name of MoU's Date of MoU Concerned Person
1 BETiC, IIT Bombay 2nd,Ocotber,2018 Dr.B.Ravi , Dr.Rupesh Ghyar,BETiC, IIT Bombay are Mentors for Research Activities ,Proposal , MEDHA, etc for BETiC,GHRCE
2 Orthopedic Dept. NKP Salve Institute of Medical Sciences & Research center & LMH, Nagpur 06-Apr-18 Dr.Kajal Mitra,, Dean, Dr.Sureah Chari, Dr. Sushil Mankar , Head of Orthopedic NKP Salve, Nagpur
3 NKP Salve Institute of medical Sciences & research center & LMH, Nagpur 11-Apr-18 Dr. Nilofar Mujawar, HoD, Pediatrics Dept., NKP SIMS & LMH Nagpur
4 MoU with Suretech, Nagpur 18th September 2019 Dr.Raju Deshmukh, Orthopedic Surgeon, Suretech Hospital And Research Centre Ltd, Dhantoli,Nagpur
Internet of Things
  • To provide environment for IoT prototype development, testing, validation & ready to product.
  • To promote start-up community and entrepreneurial ecosystem for IoT.
  • To Facilitate IoT environment to innovators for specific domain such as health-care, Industrial automation, Energy and Security
Ongoing Projects
Sr. No. Title of Project Domain Area Faculty Advisor
1 Real-Time Staff Monitoring System IoT Prof. N.P.Wyawahare
2 Development of Digital Interlocking System to Eliminate Human Error IOT & Mechanical Prof. N.P.Wyawhare & Mahindra & Mahindra Pvt. Ltd.
3 Smart controlling of Home appliances using Motion Sensor IoT Dr. L.P.Thakare
4 Design & development of automatic weight calculation & print system in werehouse Embedded & IoT Prof. N.P.Wyawahare
5 IoT based IV detection IoT Prof. S.V.Bhalerao
6 IoT Based Healthcare App IoT Prof. Ravi Tiwari
7 IoT based AIR pollution meter with digital dash board on smart phone IoT Prof. T. G. Deotale
8 Real time Cold Storage Monitoring System IoT Prof. Suraj S Dudhe
9 Real time Industrial Drive Monitoring System IoT Prof. Suraj S Dudhe
10 Local Host Using Android OS based Machine for real time Monitoring IoT Prof. Suraj S Dudhe
11 IoT Based GHRCE Water System Monitoring and Control IoT Prof. Suraj S Dudhe
Name of the Instrument Description
Scintech IOT Development Board IoT Development board with Remote place IoT Sensors
Scintech IoT Muti sensor Interface Development Board IoT Board with Mini Computer for Programming & Sensor Interfacing under IoT Application.
Arduino uno with ESP 8266 2.4 GHz Wireless Connectivity tool with Arduino
Node MCU board A Programmable board embedded with ESP 8266
Arm Based Arduino Due board with ESP8266 Arm Controller with ESP8266
Arm Cortex M3 , M4 based Microcontroller Arm Controller for Complex processing work using Microcontroller
Raspberry PIE-3 development Board Raspberry Pi for mini Processing unit and development board for IoT
ARM Microcontroller Board Arm Controller board for development ,testing & Programming
Beagle bone Similar to Raspberry Pi version act as development board for IoT application.
Arduino Nano for hardware expansions Small Arduino board for Sensor Interface
Digital Multimeter For testing & Component, Board performance measuring Tool.
Electro- Mechanism Smart Car Robot Deployment facility
Display Item 7 inches color display screen for Raspberry pi interface
Wireless Connectivity Zigbee controller with GPS Neo-6 Module
Electronics Component Library LCD, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Transistor, Capacitor, Resistor, Stepper Motor, Gear Motor, Speakers, Transformer, Power boards, Relay Board, Joy Sticks, Switches, LDR, LEDs, Multiplex LED, Motor Driver board, Bread Boards etc.
Sensor Library Ultrasonic, IR, Proximity, Soil Moisture, Barometer, Load Cell, Bluetooth, ESP8288, GAS Sensor, GSM kit, R03,R05 thumb sensor, Sound Sensor, DHT 11, Photo resistor, RF Sensor, Touch Sensor, Pulse Sensor, GPS Sensor etc.
MOU Collaboration
1 COE IoT and TCS Nagpur
2 COE IoT and Adani Power Plant Tiroda (Under Process)
3 COE IoT and Kapilansh Dhatu Udyog Nagpur (Under Process

Sr. No. Title Industry Discription Revenue
1 IoT Based Machine Monitoring at Kapilansh Dhatu udyog Kapilansh Dhatu Udyog Pvt LTD , Nagpur Monitoring of VFD machine 4000/-
2 IoT Based Machine Monitoring at Kapilansh Dhatu udyog Kapilansh Dhatu Udyog Pvt LTD , Nagpur Monitoring of Pulley , Hopper and Hydraulic System 6400/-
3. IoT Based Pump Controlling and Monitoring System GHRCE, Nagpur System Used to Pump & Controlling over water usage in College & Hostel area NIL
4 Neonatal Data Monitoring IoT system for Sepses Disease Mahananda Plant Hingna ,Nagpur Data Monitoring & logging system for Milk Base plant for disease control using IoT application NIL
AI & Machine Learning

Leveraging the latest tools and technologies in the area Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning , nurturing collaborative culture and disseminating customer oriented innovations to relevant areas of academia and industry towards serving greater cause of society.

Ongoing Projects
Sr. No. Title of the Project Domain Area Faculty Advisor
1 Analytics for temperature data cloud based for forecasting and daily water quality checking. AI and Machine Learning Prof. U. K. Sahu
2 Fruit Plucker Machine with Object Detection (Multipurpose vegetable cutting and cleaning machine ) AI and Machine Learning Prof. K. Kalbande, Prof. Karan Chaudhri
3 Small Manual Fruits Plucker forheighted Trees. AI and Machine Learning Dr V. N Bhaiswar
4 Report Center And Dashboard for Academic Analytics. Data Analytics Dr P. N. Borkar
5 Design & Development of Leaf Vegetable Cutting Machine. AI and Machine Learning Prof.Vivek Khond.
6 Development of Irrigation System for Scheduling of water. AI and Machine Learning Prof.Y. Nandanwar
7 Proper water Management for Brockley Plant System. IoT and Machine Learning Prof. N. Nirwan
8 Solar Fencing for Agriculture Solar Prof. K Chaudhari
9 GHRU Application for Organic Vegetable Selling. AI and Machine Learning Prof.A Thomas
10 Identification of Leaf Infected Stage and Pesticide recommendation using AI. AI and Machine Learning Dr G. Sakarkar
11 Drone Operating Spraying Machine Drone and Machine Learning Prof. L.P Raut
12 Design and Development of tree counting and classification using drone and Image classification Drone and Machine Learning Porf. Ankur Gupta
13 Humidity & Temperature Measurement & Control For Polyhouse & Greenhouse IoT and Machine Learning Prof. S. S. Dongre
14 Water Tank Cleaning Machine for Azolle Unit. AI and Machine Learning Prof. M. Gabhane
15 Multi Point Pesticide Spraying Machine AI and Machine Learning Prof. A.S. Choudhari
16 Fruit and Vegetable Packaging Machine AI and Machine Learning Dr D. Jodhkar
17 GHRU Sahayata Kendra App. Data Analytics Prof. A. Bias
18 Machine Operated Soya Bean-Cutter AI and Machine Learning Dr A.Khakatkar
19 Digital Board Of GHRU University On national Highway. IoT and Machine Learning Prof. C.Dhule
20 Development of Fertillizer Broadcaster For Field Plants. AI and Machine Learning Prof. V. P Kalbande
21 Small Spray Machine. AI and Machine Learning Prof. A. Bias
20 Light Automation for Cow Shed and Poultry Farm IoT and Machine Learning Prof. Suraj Dudhe
22 Battary operated small vehicle for working in greenhouse for transportation of small plants AI and Machine Learning Prof. Amol Pitale
Name of the Instrument Description
MAC PCs Intel Core i5, RAM- 8 GB, HDD- 1 TB, NVIDIA-GPU 512
Amazon Eco Dots Natural Language Processing Intelligent Speaker
Speaker - Google Home Mini Smart Voice Activated Speaker
LED hand operated Breast Light It is used as Cancer Screening Device
MoUs Collaboration
  •, Nagpur
  • QICE Technology Pvt. Ltd., Pune
  • ProgrammingTree Pvt.Ltd., Nagpur
  • Primeline Group, Ireland
Cloud Computing
  • To establish Virtualization platform for resources sharing
  • To Setup cloud for scalable resource management
  • To establish on premise Cloud Storage setup
  • To provide High Performance Cloud Computing platform for UG & PG academic projects
  • To develop prototype for cloud based services
Ongoing Projects
Sr. No. Title of Project Domain Area Faculty Advisor
1 Cloud Based Online Blood Bank System Cloud Security Prof. Chetan Dhule
2 Voting System for Institute Cloud Authentication and Privacy Prof. Snehal Kene
3 Complaint System for Social Civil Services Cloud Computing Prof. Nirmal Mungale
4 Hospital Run Web Application VCloud Services Prof. Sampada Wazalwar
5 Boot Camp Finder with Location Cloud Services Prof. Shahrukh Sheikh
Sr. No. Name of the Software/Tool Description
1 Nextcloud Nextcloud is a suite of client-server software for creating and using file hosting services.
2 oVirt oVirt is an open-source distributed virtualization solution, designed to manage your entire infrastructure.
3 Proxmox VE Proxmox VE is a complete open-source platform for enterprise virtualization.
4 OpenStack OpenStack is a free open standard cloud computing platform, mostly deployed as infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) in both public and private clouds
5 VMM / Virtual Machine Manager The virt-manager application is a desktop user interface for managing virtual machines through libvirt
6 CloudSim A Framework For Modeling And Simulation Of Cloud Computing Infrastructures And Services
MoUs Collaboration
  • Tata Consultancy Services
Data Science
Prof. Prashant Borkar

In-charge MIS, GHRCE Portal

Achamma Thomas

HOD, Artificial Intelligence Dept.

  • To promote research in the field of data science amongst students and faculties so as to meet the demands of well-trained data scientists.
  • To facilitate access to advanced computing and data visualization facilities, resources, and expertise.
  • To design and develop methodologies for solving complex problems that aid in decision making.
On Going Projects
Sr. No. Title of the Project Domain Area Faculty Advisor
1 Analytics for temperature data (temperature, humidity) - Cloud based for forecasting and Dashboard on cloud IoT and Data Science Dr. Prashant Borkar
2 Report Center And Dashboard for Academic Analytics. Data Science Dr. Prashant Borkar
3 Exploratory Data Analysis Data Science Dr. Prashant Borkar
4 Learning Management System Data Science Prof. S. Dongre
5 Humidity & Temperature Measurement & Control For Polyhouse & Greenhouse Data Science Prof. S. Dongre
6 Hyper spectral image classification using Deep Learning Data Science Prof. A. Thomas
7 GHRU Application for Organic Vegetable Selling. Data Science Prof. A. Thomas
Name of the Instrument Description
Tableau Desktop
  • Tableau is packed with powerful graphics to make interactive visualizations.
  • It is focused on industries working in the field of business intelligence.
  • The most important aspect of Tableau is its ability to interface with databases, spreadsheets, OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) cubes, etc.
  • Tableau has the ability to visualize geographical data and for plotting longitudes and latitudes in maps.
Weka Weka is a collection of machine learning algorithms for data mining tasks. The algorithms can either be applied directly to a dataset or called from your own Java code. Weka contains tools for data pre-processing, classification, regression, clustering, association rules, and visualization.
PostgreSQL PostgreSQL (pronounced as post-gress-Q-L) is an open source relational database management system (DBMS) developed by a worldwide team of volunteers. PostgreSQL is not controlled by any corporation or other private entity and the source code is available free of charge.
KERAS KERAS is an Open Source Neural Network library written in Python that runs on top of Theano or Tensorflow.
MLFlow An MLflow Project is a format for packaging data science code in a reusable and reproducible way, based primarily on conventions. In addition, the Projects component includes an API and command-line tools for running projects, making it possible to chain together projects into workflows.
MOU Collaboration
Flexible Manufacturing System
  • To enhance the research on Flexible Manufacturing System for different Industrial applications.
  • Promote the facility to investigate the various criteria for condition monitoring of FMS
  • Establish the effective relations between components of FMS.
  • To undertake /carry out sponsored and consultancy projects.
On Going Projects
Sr. No. Title of the Project Domain Area Faculty Advisor
1 Design and fabrication of robotic arm using tactile sensor. Robotics Prof. Laukik P. Raut
2 Design and fabrication of Automated Guided Vehicle. Automation Prof. Laukik P. Raut
3 Design fabrication of 3D controlled lift with multi-level movement Material Handling Prof. Laukik P. Raut
  • CNC Milling Machine
  • CNC Lathe machine
  • Aristo Six Axis Robot
  • Sinwave Engineering Robot
  • Automated storage and retrieval system
  • Assembly station
  • Automated guided vehicle
MOU Collaboration
  • Global Robotics, Nagpur
  • Shree Industries, Hingna MIDC, Nagpur
3D Printing
  • Design & Modification of Award winning projects.
  • Identification of New innovative products/ideas
  • Identification of this year ongoing projects (Final Year) for Design and Development.
On Going Projects
Sr. No. Title of the Project Domain Area Faculty Advisor
1 Design & 3D Fabrication of Hand Palm for bomb diffusion FEM/ CAD & 3D Printing Dr. A.M. Khalatkar
2 Design & Development of Face shield for COVID Worriers. Finite Element Method & 3D Printing Prof. R.A. Jibhkate & Dr. N.P. Awate
3 Design of 2 way splitter for Ventilators oxygen supply bifurcation. Dr. N.P. Awate & Prof. R.A. Jibhkate
4 Design & Development of Acetone flow Channel by PLA in 3D Printing Prof. R.A. Jibhkate & Dr. A.M. Khalatkar
Name of the Instrument Description
3D Printer I 250 D (2 Printer)
  • Multi-material compatibility
  • ABS, PLA, Wood-infill, Metafill, PETG, HIPS, Carbon Fiber,
  • 3D printer, which sports a build volume of 300mm × 250mm × 200mm.
  • Unmatched precision and reliability
3D Printer Pro center 999(Outside display)
  • Quick-load functionality.
  • Super-fast slicer and industrial-grade build quality ensure fast Printing.
3D Printer J Group Robotix
  • Professional 3D printing
  • Unmatched precision and reliability
  • Hassle-free semi - auto bed levelling
MoUs Collaboration
  • Centre for Additive Manufacturing, Mechanical Deptt, NIT, Hamirpur (In Process) Mechatronics Department, IIITDM Jabalpur(In Process)
Product Design
  • To provide innovative, state-of-the-art facilities and laboratories that can function or serve as multidisciplinary research.
  • To establish strategic collaboration between the Center's researchers and industry, national labs and academic institutions.
  • To provide product development and certification services.
  • To provide the research based entrepreneurship.
  • To provide solutions for Industry and Social Problems.
  • To file patents in the domain of Mechanical Design & Innovation.
  • Seek to encourage joint research and publication between international researchers and CoE.
On Going Projects
Sr. No. Title of Project Domain Area Faculty Advisor
1 Garlic Peeling Machine Mechanical Dr. N.P. Awate
2 Bending Removal of Welding Electrodes Mechanical Dr. A M Khalatkar
3 Mobile Fruit Plucker Machine Mechanical Dr. N.P. Awate
4 Vermi Compose Machine Mechanical Dr. N.P. Awate
5 3-D Printed Prosthetic Hand Mechanical Sushil Singh
6 Lemon Juice making Machine. Mechanical V. Kalbande
MOU Collaboration

Sak Robotix Lab, IIT Bhuwaneshwar (Startup Centre of IIT, Bhuwaneshwar) Project Competition: (In which projects will be send for participation) TECHFEST, IIT Bombay AVISHKAR, NIT, Allahabad Abhikalpan, IIIT Jabalpur

Batteries / Electric Vehicle
  • Development of energy efficient electric vehicles.
  • Improved controllers for electric vehicles.
  • Improvement on storage facilities
  • Improvement of energy storage.
  • Wireless charging.
  • Improvement in input power quality
  • Improved dynamic performance with simplicity of control.
  • Reduced cost EV
  • Compact size EV
On Going Projects
Sr. No. Title of the Project Domain Area Faculty Advisor
1 Retrofitting of Existing Vehicle for Converting to Electric Vehicle Retrofitting Dr. Swapnil Khubalkar,Dr. Mithu Sarkar
2 Battery Management System for Electric Vehicles Energy Storage Dr. Prema Daigavane,Dr. Mithu Sarkar
3 Test Bench of Automotive Component of an Electric Vehicle for Electrical Parameter Measurement Measurement Dr. Prema Daigavane
4 Automatic Vehicle Tuening Indicator Vehicle Dr. Mithu Sarkar
Name of the Instrument Description
Electric Auto Rikshaw With BLDC motor, on board charger
AC Drive Make 690+ series,2.2kW,3-ph,
DC Drive 15 A, 3-ph, Eurotherm make 590+ series,
Induction motor 2.2 kW, 3-ph induction motor
Software Programming software CE Lite
Option Board Analog Tacho Feedback Option Board
Option Board Encoder Feedback Option Board
Option Board RS-485 Communication Option Board
AC Drive panel Panel for controlling AC Motor
DC Drive Panel Panel for controlling DC Motor
Eurotherm make AC servo system Eurotherm make AC servo system
Easy-rider software Easy-rider software
Clamp meter HT-ITALIA make,Power & Harmonic TRMS Clamp meter,400A, Model HT4022
Induction motor 1 HP Induction motor with mechanical loading arrangement
DSP trainer TMS 320-F2407 A based DSP trainer
Power Module 3 Phase IPM based Power Module
DSP PWM Testing Unit DSP PWM Testing Unit
D.C. Motor 1 HP D.C. Motor with mechanical loading arrangement
Printer HP 3744 DESKJET
BLDC Motor 1kw, 6300 rpm,1.5 Nm.
Software SRM Module of MotorPro software
Power module Vi-Microsystems make 3-ph SRM-IGBT based Power module
Switched Reluctance motor 1 HP Switched Reluctance motor with mechanical loading arrangement
PLC Trainer kit PLC 1000 - kit
Micro logix PLC-1000 PLC 1000
RS Logix Software Software
Digital Storage Oscilloscope SCIENTCH 403
DSP trainer kit (2812) MICRO2812
IGBT module single phase MICROSYSTEM
MOU Collaboration
  • Formulate a strategy for coordinating and conducting the research in renewable energy
  • To promote the research on basic & alternative renewable technologies for the society.
  • Develop suitable product based on renewable energy that will work as support centers in the field of solar & wind Energy
  • To undertake sponsored and consultancy projects
On Going Projects
Sr. No. Title of the Project Domain Area Faculty Advisor
1 Monitoring of solar stabilizer Renewable Dr.V.K.Chandrakar
2 Monitoring of Solar PV Panel Renewable Dr H.K.Naidu
3 Solar based start Irrigation Renewable Dr.Sunil Nangrani
4 Solar Grass Cutter Renewable Prof.S.K.Umathe
5 Solar based heavy Volt function & air condition Renewable Prof.S.Dudhe
6 Solar Based Smart Irrigation System Renewable Prof. Pankaj Ramtekkar
7 Automatic solar tracker Renewable Prof. A Deshmukh
8 Development and testing solar powered floating waste collector Renewable Prof.K.S.Chaudhari
9 Design and development and investigation of solar power water desalination Renewable Dr.R.S.Shelke
10 Design and development of smart foldable solar drayer Renewable Prof. N.Nirwan
11 Designand fabrication of floating solar pv system Renewable Prof. K.S. Chaudhari
Name of the Instrument Description
Solar Simulator Unit
  • Lamp Housing, Power Supply
  • Xenon Arc Lamp
  • Touch Control Panel
  • AM 1.5 G Filter
  • Separate Filter Holder
  • Keithley source meter
  • IV Curve Analyser Software
  • RS 232C Cable
  • Software :
  • Peccell I-V Curve Analyser Ver. 2.1 (PEC-IV2)
  • Operating System : Windows XP
Pyranometer Measurement of solar intensity
Non-conventional energy integrated with grid
  • VSC based STATCOM Controller Interfacing with Wind Generator
  • Wind Generator based 3-phase AC source
  • Three Phase Alternator coupled with 3-Phase AC motor
  • STATCOM controller with Transmission Line model
  • Voltage Source convertor consists of IGBT based module TMS 320F2407 based DSP controller
  • Hall effect current sensor
  • Power Scope
MoUs Collaboration