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Electrical engineering is a field of engineering that generally deals with the study and application of electricity, electronics and electromagnetism. It now covers a range of subtopics including power, electronics, control systems, signal processing and telecommunications. The main aim is to ensure the safe use of electricity. For this purpose they are given the responsibility of designing electrical appliances as well as the wiring system of electricity to ensure the supply of electricity to these appliances. Electrical engineers are concerned with designing the flight systems of aircrafts and rocket propulsion systems. Industrial automation and automobile control system design are also a part of electrical engineering. Electrical engineering has an important role to play in many other fields of study. For instance, signal processing makes use of the principles of electrical engineering in modifying the digital and analog nature of the signals to obtain the required output.

Electrical Engineering College in Nagpur
HOD Profile
Dr. Prema Daigavane

M.Tech, Ph.D.

Dr. Prema Manoj Daigavane is the Head of the Department of Electrical Engineering at G.H. Raisoni College of Engineering, Nagpur. In furtherance of her Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical Engineering, Master of Technology in Electronics and Control and Ph.D in the field of Electronics, her areas of interest include System, Fuzzy logic, Neural Network, Drives and Control, and Image Processing. With a teaching experience of thirty years, she has around sixty publications in International Journals and Conferences and has also filed two patents. She is also a professional member of IEEE, IEI as well as ISTE. Her skills include Renewable Energy and Aurdino, among other things and her areas of expertise are Image Processing, Drives and Control and Embedded System.

Vision & Mission
    Our Vision
  • To achieve excellent standards of quality education by keeping pace with rapidly changing technologies and to create technical manpower of global standards in electrical engineering with capabilities of accepting new challenges.

    Our Mission
  • To educate next generation of Engineers with ,strong knowledge base of electrical engineering.
  • To Produce technical manpower capable of addressing industry problems.
  • To pursue scholarly research in broad areas of electrical engineering.
Key Strengths
Cutting edge technology offered PSCAD PowerWorld Simulator, Electric Vehicle,PLC SCADA Artificial Intelligence ,Machine Learning
Student Clubs Renewable Energy, Bakery
MoU's (Industry/Institutions/Organizations) Mahindra & Mahindra
Industry Supported Laboratory TI -Texas Instruments
Professional Society Chapters IEEE HKN
Faculty areas of expertise Electric Vehicle, PLC SCADA, IoT, Drones Power System (FACTs),Renewable, Non Conventional Energy
Skill based courses offered PLC SCADA, Internet of Thing(IoT), Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning
Funding grants received Overall Amount - Rs. 87 Lacs RPS ,MODROBS,AICTE and DST Travel Grant,AICTE-Margadarshan,AICTE-Grant of Conference(GoC,IEEE Ahyum
Copyrights & Patents
Total Patents filed = 25
Total Copyrights= 02
Testing & Consultancy facility available Simulation Panel (SVC)
Simulation Panel(EHV-AC)
TMS 320-F2407 A Based DSP Trainer
SRM Module Of Motorpro Software
PLC Trainer Kit
Clamp On Earth\Ground Resistance Tester
H.V.Test Transformer
Oil Test System
Impulse Generator
Power Quality Analyzer
PSCAD Software
Power world Simulator
Departmental Magazine/Newsletter EPICS
Programs Offered
B.E. in Electrical Engineering
M.Tech in Integrated Power Systems
Ph.D. in Electrical
Programme Educational Objectives

The educational objectives of the Mechanical Engineering programme are designed to produce competent engineers who shall

  • PEO1: Practice electrical engineering in Power System, drives & control.
  • PEO2:Contribute to technical and economic development of society.
  • PEO3: Pursue higher education and work for research and development of society.
Program Outcomes

The students will be able to learn:

  • Engineering knowledge
  • Problem analysis
  • Design/development of solutions
  • Conduct investigations of complex problems
  • Modern tool usage
  • The engineer and society
  • Environment and sustainability
  • Ethics
  • Individual and team work
  • Communication
  • Project management and finance
  • Life-long learning
Program Specific Outcomes
  • PSO1:Demonstrate industrial practices learned through internship and solve the live-problems of industries.
  • PSO2:Utilize skills in transforming ideas into hardware project and to protect intellectual property rights.
  • PSO3:Propose innovative solutions in the area of Power Systems and Electric Drives.



The department has 14 different laboratories well equipped with modern instruments. There is one dedicated project laboratory where students implement various high-tech projects using recent technologies.

Industry Supported Labs
Funding Industry

Funding Industry laboratory has following facilities.

  • Texas Microcontroller Kits
  • computers
Award Winning Projects


  • Title of the Project: Cow Dung Cleaning Machine
  • Winner / Runner : Winner
  • Awarding Agency: RISC,Hyderabad
Research Projects
Name of the Project Funding Agency Amount Faculty Name
Exploring the benefits of controllable components in electrical power transmission AICTE 10.00 Dr. V. K. Chandrakar
Stabilization of Grid connected Wind Generator by STATCOM. AICTE 10. 59 Dr.V.K. Chandrakar
Prof. H.S. Dalvi
Electrical Drives Laboratory AICTE 9.50 Dr. S. G. Tarnekar
Dr. S. B. Bodkhe
To consolidate testing facilities in High voltage Engineering. AICTE 12 .00 Dr. S. G. Tarnekar
Prof. K. B. Porate
Augmentation of FACTS Laboratory AICTE 7 .00 Dr. V. Chandrakar
Prof. K. D. Joshi
To Develop Automated Power Distribution Laboratory AICTE 10.00 Dr. S. B. Bodkhe
Prof. P. P. Jagtap
Applications to Power Electronics Based Drives AICTE 06.00 Prof. Rajderkar
To investigate role of Unified Power Flow Controller for damping power system oscillations in multi-machines system AICTE 12.00 Prof.P.P.Jagtap
Smart Train IEEE US$500 Prof. Ankur Gupta


Faculty Achievements & Awards
Name of Faculty Title of the event Achievement / Award Awarding Organization
Dr.Sunil Nagrani Journal of Intelligent & Fuzzy System SCI Published IOS Press , Netherland
Dr.Sunil Nagrani 2 IC on Green Energy & Sustainable Development 2020 IGESD Best Paper SPONSORED BY AICTE
Dr. Swapnil Khubalkar The International Journal of Electrical Engineering & Education SCI Accepted SAGE Publications, USA
Dr. Mithu Sarkar IEEE Journal of Automatica Sinica SCI Published( I. F-5.129) IEEE  Publication
Student Achievements & Awards
Name Of Student Title Of The Event Achievement / Award Awarding Organization
Sampath Kulal Winner Of Badminton & Runner-Up Of Table Tennis In Spandan 2K19 Winner Ghrce,Nagpur
Sampath Kulal Won Badminton Singles,Doubles,Mix Doubles Title In Parakram Event Winner Ghrce,Nagpur
Sampath Kulal Rtmnu Winner In Table Tennis For Consecutive 3 Years Winner Rtmnu,Nagpur
Sampath Kulal Winner In Badminton Bpl Tournament Winner Ghriit,Nagpur
Sampath Kulal Winner In Badminton Jallosh Tournament For Conseccutive 2 Years Winner Rtmnu,Nagpur
Sampath Kulal Runner-Up In Badminton Championship Winner Danwate National College
Sampath Kulal Honoured As A Best Promising Player Winner Ghrce,Nagpur
Sampath Kulal Honoured As A Best Team Player For Badminton In Parakram Event Winner Ghrce,Nagpur
Bhushan Patle Handball Men Gold Medal Ghrce,Nagpur
Kamini Patil Handball Women Silver Medal Ghrce,Nagpur
Kamini Patil Cricket Women Gold Medal Ghrce,Nagpur
Sneha Sao Throwball Women Silver Medal Ghrce,Nagpur
Kunal Takalkhede Kabaddi Men Silver Medal Ghrce,Nagpur
Dolfy Tijare Tug Of War Women Silver Medal Ghrce,Nagpur
Kunal Mozarkar Kho-Kho Men Silver Medal Ghrce,Nagpur
Kamini Patil Kho-Kho Women Silver Medal Ghrce,Nagpur
Bhushan Patle Basketball Men Silver Medal Ghrce,Nagpur
Sampath Kulal Badminton Team Event Silver Medal Ghrce,Nagpur
Sampath Kulal Badminton Open Men Doubles Gold Medal Ghrce,Nagpur
Kshitij Wakekar Badminton Open Men Doubles Gold Medal Ghrce,Nagpur
Sampath Kulal Badminton Open Mix Doubles Gold Medal Ghrce,Nagpur
Surbhi Bhiwgade Badminton Open Mix Doubles Gold Medal Ghrce,Nagpur
Lohit Sharngat Table Tennis Open Men Single Silver Medal Ghrce,Nagpur
Ankesh Chopde Chess Open Silver Medal Ghrce,Nagpur
Aishwary Bagde Pool Open Men Single Silver Medal Ghrce,Nagpur
Maithali Jadhao Pool Open Women Single Silver Medal Ghrce,Nagpur
Pranay Badwaik Pool Open Men Doubles Silver Medal Ghrce,Nagpur
Parag Namade Carrom Open Men Single Gold Medal Ghrce,Nagpur
Yash Joshi Carrom Open Men Single Silver Medal Ghrce,Nagpur
Shweta Gondwane Carrom Open Women Single Silver Medal Ghrce,Nagpur

Scheme & Syllabus

BE Electrical Engineering
M.Tech Integrated Power System