GHRCE has always adopted innovative practices instead of traditional teaching learning. This year GHRCE has adopted Moodle – Course Management System as the teaching learning platform. Moodle short for Module Object Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment is a free and open source Learning Management System used world-wide for creating online courses and course Management. At GHRCE faculties are using Moodle for course management and conducting online exams. Moodle has over 1500 plugins to enhance teaching and learning techniques.

Trainings Conducted on Moodle for 2019-20 Session
Name of Workshop Date Duration No. of Faculties Trained
Moodle Training for Newly joined faculties 17th June 2019 3 Hrs 22
Moodle Training for UG Faculties 3rd -4th July 2019
9th -10th July 2019
4 days 65
Moodle Training for CAE In-charges 17th July 2019 2 Hrs 7
Moodle Training for ESE 5th Oct 2019 2 Hrs 59
Trainings Conducted for Faculty 2018-19 session
Name of Workshop Date Duration No. of Faculties Trained
Moodle Workshop Under BSS 20th Nov-22nd Nov 2018 3 days 37
Moodle Training for UG Faculties 23rd -25th Jan 2019 3 days 84
Moodle Training for CAE Incharges 22nd February 2019 2 Hrs 9
Moodle Training for First Year Faculties 6th March 2019 2 Hrs 12
Moodle Training for PG Faculties 7th March 2019 2 Hrs 31
Training undergone
Name of Workshop Organized By Date Faculties Trained
NMEICT - 'Moodle Learning Management System' IIT Bombay- Remote Centre- GHRIEM, Nagpur 3 days Prof. A. Thomas Prof. Neha Purohit Mr. Lalitraj Bansod